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Mads Møller Andersen

PhD student Mads Møller Andersen, affiliated researcher. Mads is a PhD student at Media Studies at Aarhus University, and his PhD project consists of a production study of the influence of systemic production conditions on creativity in television production (spring 2016-spring 2019). His project uses the Danish public service television institution DR’s new channel DR3 as a case study. DR3 was launched in 2013 in a tense situation as DR’s reaction to a technological and political pressure with intensified competition and with challenges for DR and for traditional flow television. That DR3’s programmes in spite of these obstacles are described as experimental and fairly original might point to the influence of systemic conditions on creativity in a collective production process like TV production. Mads is currently investigating the strategic functions of DR3's experimental approach. Mads has previously taught courses in "Film and TV theory", "Media Textual Analysis" and "Media Development/Media History.