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Project Description

The project investigates why and how Danish TV drama currently is travelling. Our hypothesis is that specific transformations and value creations are happening at all stages in the production system of Danish TV drama production, from the idea to the production, distribution and reception processes, respectively. The phenomenon calls for a theoretical rethinking of centre/periphery complexity within global TV, in particular cultural proximities, travelling style, production value and the role of small nations’ TV production. The project conducts empirical studies both of production (export, co-production, remakes) and reception (audience studies on three levels), by developing the Screen Idea System model to study the process of travelling TV drama series.

To fully answer the research question, the project encompasses four distinct sub-questions, each of them illuminating significant parts of this process and including a particular set of empirical materials and theoretical approaches:

  1. How can we consider Danish TV drama series as an international brand?
  2. What, from a transnational production perspective, makes Danish TV series travel?
  3. How are Danish TV drama series interpreted and valued among audiences abroad, in countries like Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Turkey and the US?
  4. How are small nations’ drama series challenging the centre-periphery complex in global media industry and culture?