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Gunhild Agger

Background and research areas:

Gunhild Agger is a professor at Department of Culture and Global Studies at Aalborg University. Her main research areas are media studies, crime and crime journalism in Scandinavia, national identity in a globalized world, and finally tv-aesthetics, tv-drama and tv-culture.



The following is a selection of Gunhild Agger's publications:

  • The Killing : Urban topographies of a crime. / Agger, Gunhild. In: Journal of Popular Television, Vol. 1, No. 2, 09.2013, p. 235-242
  • Dansk tv-dramas internationale succes : Inside Danish TV’s thriller factory. /Agger, Gunhild. In: kommunikationsforum.dk, 15.08.2012
  • Søndagsdrama./ Gemzøe, Lynge A.; Agger, Gunhild. In. Cut, Nr. 098, 2012, s. 20-23
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