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What Makes Danish TV
Drama Series Travel?

  • Transnational Production,
    Cultural Export and
    the Global Reception of
    Danish Drama Series

About the project

The project investigates why and how Danish TV drama currently is travelling. Our hypothesis is that specific transformations and value creations are happening at all stages in the production system of Danish TV drama production, from the idea to the production, distribution and reception processes, respectively. Read more

Conference: Transnational Television Drama 2018

What makes Danish TV drama travel? Video presentations from the Transnational Television Drama conference in Aarhus 5-9 June 2018.

Conference 2018

Transnational Television Drama (call for papers - deadline: 15 January 2018).

PhD blog

Transnational Television (May 2017)

Television from Small Nations

We are also participating in the multidisciplinary international research network, Television from Small Nations . For further reading and news, view the project blog.