Up-start seminar in Aarhus - October 9, 2014

Transnational Production, Cultural Export and the Global Reception of Danish Drama Series

2014.10.06 | Christoffer Andresen

Date Thu 09 Oct
Time 14:15 21:30
Location Aarhus University, venue: building 5335 (Nygaard), the lunchroom at 2nd floor

Thursday, October 9: 14-18, and dinner in the night. Friday, October 10: 9-16

Venue: Aarhus University, venue: building 5335 (Nygaard), the lunchroom at 2nd floor

Participants: Jakob, Kim, Ushma, Gunhild, Pia, Lynge, Sanne, Eva, Anne Marit, Iris and Andrea.

Invited guests: Lothar Mikos (Berlin), Ruth McElroy (Wales) and Caitriona Noonan (Wales)



Wednesday, October 8: 14-16 (venue tba – we might meet in Nobel)

Workshop: Television production in small countries – in an international perspective

Ruth McElroy (Wales) and Caitriona Noonan (Wales) are part of a research centre in Wales focusing on media industry in small countries. In the workshop we will exchange ideas and research findings across the countries – and we will discuss how we can collaborate within the next four years. 

Participants: Ruth, Caitriona, Ushma, Iris and Pia have already confirmed their participation  - the workshop is open for all of us, please come.

Thursday October 9: 14.15 – 21.30

(9-12: Nordic Noir seminar for the MA students - see programme below - welcomeJ)

14.15: Welcome and presentation of the program (Anne Marit)

14.30: Brainstorm: What makes Danish TV drama series travel? 30 minutes in each team

(Production, Text and Audience) and 30 minutes plenary

15.30:  Eva Novrup Redvall: The Screen Idea System as model for studying Danish TV Drama

series across cultures

16:00: Coffee break

16.15: Andrea Esser: Researching the media industry (incl. Media Across Borders mediaacrossborders.com)

16.45: Ushma Jacobsen: Multi-sited ethnography as an approach to our audience studies

17.15: Break

17:30: Wine&fine incl. INFO

1) Communication: internal & external (website etc.)

2) Budget & economy

3) Student assistance

4) Announcements and input:

  • Upcoming meetings and workshops (fall 2014 and spring 2015)  (AM)
  • RIPE (Jakob)
  • Oostende MeCETES worksop sept14 (Lynge)
  • Collaboration with MeCETES (AM+ Pia)
  • Lumiére event in Cph Sept14 (Eva)
  • Visit Denmark (Pia + Am)
  • Creative Europe (DFI) (Pia + Am)

18.15: End – and we go for dinner (bike&taxa)

18.30:  Dinner at Kocherier Det Glade Vandvid www.kocherier.dk/RESTAURANT-DET-GLADE-VANVID.62.aspx 


Friday October 10: 9-16

(9-12: Pia and Andrea will give a lecture for the students)

9-9.30: Input1: Caitriona Noonan & Ruth McElroy (Wales): Media production in small nations                  

9.30-10: Input2: Lothar Mikos (Berlin): European media industry: conditions, markets, research

10-10.15: Break

10.15-10.45: Input 3: Iris Rittenhofer: Theoretical approaches to media production across boarders; ’country of origin’ as concept in marketing

10.45—12.30: Brainstorm on the project’s (text) production study: How will we do it? (Milestones: empirical studies, which series, interviews, when, who & how etc.)

12.30-13.15: Lunch

13.15: Photo session (AU Communication photograph)

13.30: Brainstorm on the project’s audience study: How will we do it? (Milestones: empirical studies, which series, interviews, when, who & how etc.)

15.15: Break

15.30: Sum up: How will we do it? Milestones: empirical studies, which series, interviews, when, who & how?

16.00: End

Extra: Thursday 9, 9.15-12.00: in Adorno, room 138: seminar for the MA students (Media studies)






International research panel:Nordic Noir and Danish Television Drama Series as International Brand: Production value and medium concept.

Gunhild Agger,

Ruth McElroy, Catriona Noonan & Anne Marit Waade


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